Following is a list of awesome people I've worked alongside and those who have given immense help and support. Click a party's names to learn more:

Word Bet
Jacques Chamberland - Project Manager.
Zandro Chan - Artistic Director.
Sebastien Bourgon - Lead Developer.
Ryan Easterbrook - Server-side developer.
Jessie Lam - Lead Artist.
Al Jerek - Intern Artist.

Slater Groves (AKA Loca' Motiff) - Awesome Music Composer.
Sharkyx - Developer of Zoidcom, an amazing high level network library.
GLGooey - OpenGL GUI library.
OpenAL - Audio API.
Tyler Lepage - Talented Assistant Sound Designer.
Jonathan Hinchley - Great artist that drew the Priest sprite.
Pow Studios - Graciously provided many of the effect sprites (Monk teleport, Mystic fire, Shaman lightning, energy pickup).
Testers - All the game testers have been invaluable in the development of Ethereal.

Gram's House
Gail Carmichael - Producer, Lead Designer, Lead Art Director, Lead Programmer.
Jamie Madill - General Programmer, Designer.
Matt Shelley - General Programmer, Designer.
Jonathan Demers - Lead Artist.
Nicole Will - Artist.
Andrew Erdeg - Mentor.
Shannon Cressman - Music.

Weather the War
Bill Sullivan - Creator of the website Spies in the Shadows.
Andrew Wallace - Producer, Designer.
Rufino Ansara - Artist.

Jamie Madill - Lead Programmer, Designer, Producer.
Andrew Erdeg - General Programmer, Designer.
Gail Carmichael - General Programmer, Designer.
Mike Erdeg - Music.