I am a game developer that spends as much free time as possible creating and designing video games. I enjoy expanding my programming abilities and collaborating with game-oriented individuals.

I have 7 years of programming experience, most of which is with C++, Java and C#. I also have experience using Objective-C, HTML, Python, ActionScript, and NetLogo. I have developed for PC, iOS and Windows Phone.

I am comfortable using Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, OpenGL, XNA, and Processing. I have also worked with TorqueX, the Unity Game Engine, the Valve Hammer Editor, Flash, GameMaker, programming for the Windows phone 7, and coding with the Wii remote in C++.

I obtained my M.C.S at Carleton University, and completed my Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (Honours) - Game Development and Entrepreneurship at the University of Ontario.

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Below is a short demo reel of the recent game development projects I have been a part of.

download the video here